24 hours in green Oslo

I love North of Europe.

MorePlanesThanTrains-Oslo Street Art

Every time I bump into a great flight deal I can’t help but book,even for a super short weekend, like in this case.

A part from lack of time, another reason is that all the Northern countries are notoriously VERY expensive.

However, as suggested for Iceland and Copenhagen, with a bit of planning in advance and knowledge of free attractions,you can make the most of your trips even on a limited budget 😉

Forget about fancy hotels or a very central location, pick a hostel with a room for two( if you don’t want to share the toilet) and be ready to walk. A LOT.

Oslo it isn’t an enormous city but you still need to cover big distances between a point of interest to the other and go up to the hill(great free exercise!)

Me and my loyal travel buddy Silvia are very used to it and we didn’t mind though.

Let’s have a look now at my favorite spots!

  • Pipervika Waterfront 

It is very pleasant to start your visit strolling around the boat harbor. You can spot several landmarks from left to right.


There are also many restaurant and cafes in case you need a break.

Going toward Aker Brygge you will find also interesting sculpture in the water.

MorePlanesThanTrains-Oslo River SideMorePlanesThanTrains-Oslo14

The Nobel Peace Centre is just few minutes away.

MorePlanesThanTrains-Oslo Noble Peace Center


  • Sunday Market at Blå

I am always looking for markets when exploring new cities.

I find it very inspiring as I love the vibe and watching locals in their everyday life.

Blå is a very cool area. There are graffiti around and you can enjoy  a drink at the terrace by the river.



  • National Gallery

If you have read this post ,you will know already that I am a big fan of art and most of all of paintings.

I was incredibly excited to be able to finally see Munch’s masterpieces in person!


MorePlanesThanTrains-Oslo The Scream
The Scream 

The museum is free on Thursdays, otherwise the ticket costs 100 NOK and gives us access also to the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design.

  • Vigeland Sculpture Park

This free park is a must-to-see. It is in fact the world’s largest sculpture park made by a single artist!

You will find more than 200 sculptures by Gustav Vigeland.


For a bit of nightlife we headed to the Hard Rock Cafe’ which surprisingly enough wasn’t full of tourists.


We spent in fact a very nice time chatting with two Norwegians ladies.

Live music was very enjoyable as well but I challenge you to understand a single word!

Goodbye green Oslo, it has been a pleasure!

xxx Valentina

MorePlanesThanTrains Green Oslo


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