Elegant Vienna


This is the very first word that springs in my mind when thinking about the Austrian capital.

Museums, grand palaces,beautiful streets…everything screams: regal.

Vienna’s history is in fact long and varied,starting with the Roman empire.

Don’t plan to spend less that three full days:you will have a lot to do.

My favourite spots:


  •  Belvedere Palace Museum

Historic building complex formed of two Baroque palaces: The Orangery and the palace Stables.


It houses the greatest collection of Austrian art and, most of all, the world´s largest collection of Gustav Klimt’s paintings!!

As discusses in this post, The Kiss by Klimt is one of the paintings that you must see once in your life.


  • Vienna City Park

A charming green spot for a break from the city.



  • The Albertina Museum

Located in the heart of the city centre. It hosts beautiful masterpieces from Picasso to Monet.



I truly enjoyed spending time in this museum.

There was also a special exhibition dedicated to Edvard Munch which I found very moving.( I had the pleasure to see the real “The Scream” in Oslo)


  • Hundertwasser color house

A must to do for any architecture lover!

It is located in the Landstraße district on the corner of Kegelgasse and Löwengasse.

You will feel joyful just looking at it.


  • Sisi Museum

You can’t possibly think about Vienna without recalling the beloved Empress Elisabeth.


The visit lasts around 2 hours if you include also the Imperial Apartments.

You will look at beautiful portraits of the Empress as well as her personal objects.MorePlanesThanTrains-Vienna

Fun fact: Sisi used to spend 2 to 3 hours to wash and dry her hair!

Talk about taking care of oneself 🙂

For shopping lovers there are unmissable veeery long streets: Kärntner Strass and Mariahilfer Straße.


Make sure to stop along the way and try the most famous Austrian culinary specialty: the SacherTorte.


If you can spare a day more, I totally recommend to jump on a train and head to Bratislava, Slovakia.

We didn’t regret it!

Goodbye wonderful Vienna..

xxx Valentina


  1. Beautiful photos! Vienna is one of the places on my list of “would like to visit someday.” I will say, I would love if you augmented your comments on the photos so we can hear more about your experiences in each of these places.

    Liked by 1 person

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