An unexpected gem: Krakow

Sometimes we get so excited about a forthcoming trip and we have such high expectation that we can end up feeling disappointed.

However, it can happen also the opposite and this is what happened to me in Krakow!

When visiting a new country, I usually opt for the capital as I feel it can give me a better first understanding of the country itself.

In this case,all my Polish friends were suggesting Krakow over Warsaw and I decided to follow their advices.

Krakow’s beauty struck me straight after dropping my luggage in this very cute hotel near the main square of the Old Town.

It was a rainy day and the pictures don’t get any justice of the pretty colors of the buildings around the square.

MorePlanesThanTrains-Krakow Square

From the Main Square it’s easy to explore the Old Town on foot. You barely need public transports(which are super cheap if you need to).

I loved the restaurants and cafeterias in the side streets.

I had read about about the so-called “Milk Bars” which were ex-Socialist era workers’ canteens. We found few of them in the Old Town and had great, earthy lunches with few zlotys.

MorePlanesThanTrains-Krakow Food

If you are obsessed with great views from the top like me, don’t miss out a drink at the sunset on the rooftop restaurant of the Hotel Kossak. Just magic.

MorePlanesThanTrains-Krakow Castle

We discovered that the cafeteria of the Academy of Music had a stunning view as well!


I always try to have at least one meal in a traditional restaurant to soak in the local atmosphere.
A friend of mine recommended this place, Restauracja U Babci Maliny and it truly felt like stepping in a grandma’s old place!


Kazimierz, The Jewish Ghetto:

Considered of the five major ghetto created by the Nazi during World War II, it will make you feel very emotional.

From the graffitis to the synagogue, the area has such a strong vibe.


We visited the Galicia Jewish Museum which hosts a photo exhibition of the Polish Jews.


Named by someone as “the hill of fame” ,it houses in fact the most important collection of buildings in Poland and you can’t miss it.

We enjoyed visiting the Castle and the Cathedral and I was extremely excited to find out that you can admire one of the most famous Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece, The Dame with an Ermine.



Unfortunately we had just less than 48 hours to explore the city, so we didn’t consider to visit Auschwitz and the Schindler’s Factory, which was a big shame.

Krakow is just a special place and I would totally go back.

xxx Valentina


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