I got lost in Marrakech and I loved it 

Let me tell you in advance: this will be one of those places where you can’t stop taking pictures.

The typical Moroccan accommodation, called Riad, will be your first source of inspiration with its exquisite Moorish architecture elements.

Our Riad was strategically located in the Medina and offered an amazing breakfast.

Jemaa El-Fnaa square is the pulsing heart of the city.  From snake charmers and henna artists in the morning to storytellers and food stalls in the evening, expect to be overwhelmed by the energy of this place.

If you are traveling solo or with your girlfriends expect also to receive endless unwanted male attentions 😉

The city is pretty safe so just smile and keep on looking for bargains in one of the thousand souks!
When you have enough of shopping or you simply need a break, I strongly recommend to pay a visit to one of the rooftops located in the square such as Cafe du France or Le grand balcon du cafe glacier.

Between amazing palais, souks and hamman there is enough to do in Marrakech to spend 3-4 days but if you can choose just 3 spots:

  1. Bahia Palace : palace and a set of gardens built in the late 19th century for the personal use of the sultan.
  2. Yves Saint-Laurent since 1980, the garden houses also the Islamic Art Museum of Marrakech.
  3. El Badi Palace: the palace’s name Badi translates to the “incomparable” and was built to commemorate the victory of the Battle of Three Kings against the Portuguese.

If you have a thing for doorways like me, Marrakesh is heaven!


Ask for directions to reach Jemaa el-Fna square. You will directed to small streets and get literally lost.

For all the Sex and the City superfans like me…the second SATC movie was actually filmed in Marrakech instead of Abu Dhabi!!

The magnificent holiday resort featured is the Sahara Palace Marrakesh (previously called Taj Palace) and rumours say that the cast stayed at the La Mamounia Hotel.

The scene were Carrie buys baboush and forgets her passport was filmed in Rue de Mouassine, on the north west side of Jem El Fna.

I couldn’t help but wandering around looking for it!! 🙂


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