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My Swiss (dis)adventure:What I Have Learnt

"Isn't it ironic, don't you think?" This song has been the soundtrack of these last 3 days. If you follow my travel blog, you will notice that most of the times I travel for a very short amount of time, usually one or two nights. As I had never been to Switzerland and planned to… Continue reading My Swiss (dis)adventure:What I Have Learnt


Scandinavia Lover: 3 Things to Do in Copenhagen

What makes me feel crazily passionate about travelling is to be transported in a different place and living like a local for few days. However, it might happen that I have a very limited time but I still thrive to make the most of it! Copenhagen is just adorable.You will love it. Here's what I… Continue reading Scandinavia Lover: 3 Things to Do in Copenhagen


24 hours in green Oslo

I love North of Europe. Every time I bump into a great flight deal I can't help but book,even for a super short weekend, like in this case. A part from lack of time, another reason is that all the Northern countries are notoriously VERY expensive. However, as suggested for Iceland, with a bit of planning… Continue reading 24 hours in green Oslo


An unexpected gem: Krakow

Sometimes we get so excited about a forthcoming trip and we have such high expectation that we can end up feeling disappointed. However, it can happen also the opposite and this is what happened to me in Krakow! When visiting a new country, I usually opt for the capital as I feel it can give… Continue reading An unexpected gem: Krakow


London for free: Burberry Exhibition

It is not a secret that London is a very expensive city. However, what made me fall in love with this amazing capital is the ongoing variety of new activities, cool things to do, places to discover, fashion and art events. .....and some of them are FREE!!!! I thought that it will be useful to let… Continue reading London for free: Burberry Exhibition