My First Female Solo Travel Experience: What I Didn’t Expect!

It took me quite long time to find the courage to book a solo trip, years probably.

I was always postponing or finding excuses, hiding my fear.

Little I knew that hitting “book” is actually the scariest bit!

This time I was very determined to go for it and even refused people who wanted to tag along ๐Ÿ˜€

The second part of 2018 has been one of most intense and challenging period of my life; huge changes have taken place in such a short span of time and there couldn’t have been nothing better than a solo trip to honour my meaningful personal journey.

MorePlanesThanTrains-Solo Travel- Lisbon

I was torn between Lisbon and Athens and then the funniest thing happened: I got inside a book shop and the first book which grabbed my attention was a tour guide of Lisbon.

Basically it was Lisbon picking me.

What an amazing choice!

MorePlanesThanTrains-Solo Travel- Lisbon

This is what I was absolutely not expecting from my first solo adventure:

  • You Don’t Eat Less

I was expecting to neglect a bit food and to look for street/fast food to avoid the awkwardness of eating by myself. Not at all! I totally enjoyed my meals in tascas or proper restaurants. I also ended up eating 12 pastel de natas in less than 3 days…


  • You don’t need lots of stuff

I have never been a light traveler, I must confess. Whether it was a one night stay or a long weekend, I was always carrying along a full luggage. This time I wanted to embrace the full “let’s-get-out-of-my-comfort-zone” experience and travelled with a small gym bag. I was expecting to curse myself for three days because of what I was missing when in fact, I didn’t notice at all that I didn’t have 7 outfits or 10 lipsticks. Less is more!

MorePlanesThanTrains-Solo Travel- Lisbon

  • It’s OK to stop people for pictures

I am the most incapable person on this planet when it comes to selfies and I was expecting to have a full album of landscapes. I realized that it’s not the end of the world to stop another human being to take a pic of you.



  • You don’t get bored

This was probably my biggest fear. Talking and socializing all day is my bread and butter and I was scared to feel lonely or very bored. I had downloaded 10 episodes on Nextflix, brought over 2 books, a travel diary and even a colour book! YOU DON’T HAVE TIME TO BE BORED. I was so engrossed in discovering every corner of the city and to soak up the Portuguese atmosphere that I completely forgot I was on my own.



MorePlanesThanTrains-Solo Travel- Lisbon

  • You get a complete new sense of freedom

I am not only talking about doing whatever you want, whenever you want such as spending hours in any given museum (I am slightly obsessed). I am talking about freedom in the long-term. It’s so liberating to think that you don’t depend on people when you desire to travel. Now that you have acknowledged that is amazing to solo travel, you can do it any time!



So, what are you waiting for? Book that solo trip NOW!!!

In the meantime….


XX Valentina



  1. Loved this post! Portugal and Greece are also on my bucket list. Although I havenโ€™t decided whether to go solo or not, I feel Lisbon would be a good choice. Your photos are great. Did you stay in a hostel or air bnb? Were the local citizens friendly to tourists? Regards to you, Nadia.

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  2. Great that you had the courage to do your first solo trip. What I like most about travelling solo are the people you meet. If you travel in a group other people usually don’t approach you as easily but being on my own I always meet amazing people from all over the world, be it in hostels or outside ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Great post! Portugal is one of my possible honeymoon destinations, so I want to hear all about it! Way to step out of your comfort zone; solo travel is the best!

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