Let’s Discover New Capitals: Vilnius, Lithuania

Planning out your next city break and running out of ideas?

You landed on the right blog!

Baltics were high on my European list and when my dear Spanish friend suggested meeting halfway, Lithuania came out as the best option for the two of us.



I usually like to plan my own itinerary and never considered a walking tour before…what a shame!

My friend booked one for us and I genuinely think that I am never going to skip one in my future trips.

The tour starts in Square with an introduction of Lithuania’s history. You will discover interesting facts such as being one of the largest European countries at the same point! You will hear also a lot of fun facts about an ongoing “competition” with Latvia and Estonia for the Baltic supremacy.

It lasts approximately a couple of hours and they will guide you through the Old Town, the Jewish Ghetto and Uzpunis, the Republic within the Republic.

The tour guide gave us also few recommendations for dinner and Lithuanian food was an incredible yummy surprise!


We booked a B&B near the Gate of Dawn, which was a crucial location to visit around.

You can easily visit the city on foot and it is a pleasant walk along churches (soo many!), parks and cobbled streets.

Don’t miss out Literatai Street, an open-air art installation.

There few panoramic viewpoints in the city, and we enjoyed stunning sunsets.



  • Hill of Three Crosses, the best view in Vilnius


  • Uzupis, the Bohemian and artistic self-proclaimed “Republic”
  • Trakai, the best day trip from Vilnius

xxx Valentina

Looking for more capitals off the beaten path? Check my posts about Sofia, Bratislava or Bucharest!

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