Did You Say Mainhattan?Let’s Check It Out! Frankfurt, Germany

Germany: land of fairytale villages? Yes but… Think again.

Frankfurt is far from what I was expected. And to be completely honest with you, I even didn’t choose to visit it… it chose me.

Let’s take a step back.

I have very close friends scattered around Italy and Spain and at least once a year we plan to meet up”halfway”.

Don’t even get me started about how challenging is to find a place that work for both of us in terms of direct flights, time and price.

I get to the point where:

-There are 4-5 open tabs on my desktop in different languages

-I am surrounded by pieces of paper with a series of numbers, prices in every currency, arrows, destinations

-Whatapps doesn’t give me a break

If you don’t know what I am doing, you might think I am planning the next Nasa expedition!

This is when thanks to our dearest friend Skyscanner we discovered that Frankfurt was our “halfway”.


From the super cute old town to the rooftop on top of a car park, Frankfurt will surprise you in many ways.

I loved the Nizza park along the river, got very emotional in front of the Holocaust Memorial Wall (there’s a Ann Frank stone as well ), enjoyed the museum of Modern Art and the hipster Sachsenhausen.



Our hotel was in Konstablerwache, a perfect starting point to visit almost all the main attractions on foot. Shopping by day and clubs by nights.



  • The Euro Sign
Who wouldn’t love more money?(To travel the world, of course!)
  • The view from the Main Tower
Slightly ly windy
A very suggestive view of the entire city!
  • The riverside
A river and cute houses? I am sold!

Looking for more cities off the beaten path? Check my posts about Aalborg, Belfast and Perpignan!

xxx Valentina


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