A different Ibiza

Party, party, party?

Think again.

Ideally located in the Mediterranean Sea off the east coast of Spain and facing the stunning little Formentera, Ibiza is more than endless clubbing and noisy teenagers.

We were actually shocked in finding out that it’s a very popular spot for families and older people!

Whether it’s a weekend or a week, crystal clear waters and sandy beaches come with a very expensive price.

The best thing you can do to limit expenses is to opt for an apartment rather than an hotel.

Having breakfast at home and preparing sandwiches for lunch has been a life safer for our wallets. 😉

Local transports are instead fairly cheap, the fare for a bus is 2-3 Euros return, however there are just few per hour (even just one every 45 minutes for certain locations) and they are usually over packed.

If you are travelling with a group of friends, renting a car it’s quite affordable and will allow you to visit more in less time.

Renting a motorbike it’s even better as you will easily find parking.

Obsessed with pictures and can choose just three places?

  1. Cala Comte: simply fifty shades of blues.
  2. Cafè del Mar: suggestive place for an aperitif at the sunset.
  3. Ibiza’s old town: cobbled streets with bar,restaurant,cathedrals and chapels.

We were planning to visit Santa Eulalia, which earned a reputation as the island’s gastronomic and art centre but we couldn’t make it for lack of transports (please plan this in advance!!)


Choose San Antonio if you crave peace and a decent meal.

We literally ended up every night at Burger King because there were just places for drinking.

Even if clubbing is not your thing, you can’t possibly leave Ibiza without paying a visit to one of the most famous beach clubs of the world: Bora Bora.

Entrance is free and it is located in Playa d’en Bossa.

And of course as “a little party never killed nobody” hop on the public DiscoBus to reach the clubs area!

Hasta la vista Eivissia!

xxx Valentina

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