On my bucket list now: Angkor – Cambodia

I have always loved archaeological sites.

Probably it’s because I was born near Pompeii and it was common to take school trips to one of the most famous archaeological sites of the world at least once a year.

I completed freaked out when my brother shared photos of his recent trip to Cambodia.

Cambodia has quickly become one of the most sought after Asian countries, competing with the neighbor Thailand for its history and beaches.

What truly captured my heart was discovering about the Angkor ruins.


Angkor is a UNESCO world heritage centre and it is considered one of the most relevant archaeological site of the entire Asia.


I find it so fascinating and it feels like every picture speaks to you.

The colors, the temples, the nature… it all conveys a sense of peace.

They do recommend to buy a pass and spend at least 3 days to visit the site. The best thing to do is to hire a tuk tuk driver.

Most hotels will help you to book one, and you can customize your visit planning in advance which temples you want to focus on.

You will still need to walk a lot, pick your best sneakers!

It is usually very hot and humid and they suggest to visit the temples before 11 am.

Beat the heat with lightweight clothes and plenty of water.

You will probably need also an umbrella to protect from the sun.


After seeing these pictures I will totally place Cambodia on the top of my bucket list!

Have you ever been there? Would you recommend it?

Share your experience with me!

xxx Valentina

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  1. Go, whatever you do, go! I went to Angkor Wat a few years back and it was amazing. It was very hot, and I was drenched in sweat, so I bought a big straw hat for $1 from a street vendor. Nevermind, the place is an out-and-out splendor. You climb a lot and tour moss-carpeted chambers adorned with gigantic spider webs. Amazing. Hope you make it.

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  2. Go sooner than later because the Chinese are moving in and buying up hotels and guesthouses and hiking up the prices. They also have a passion for building casinos in Cambodia, so if you like a gamble then your in luck 🙂

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  3. Yes, I have been to Angkor Watt three times and it was amazing. I still enjoyed my time eventhough I have been there and each time I explore the temples with a 3 days pass. It was so many things to see and explore. What a beautiful stone carving and building. You should go there. It is very cheap for hotels and food.


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