I left my ❤ in Toronto: you don’t need to get married to go on honeymoon!

Canada has always been on my bucket list for the Niagara Falls, however I was always opting for different destinations considering it a honeymoon destination.


One afternoon me and my loyal travel buddy were brainstorming about our next 5 days break and found this shocking deal London-Toronto.

I told myself that it is very stupid to postpone a destination waiting for the right person and the right time, that we can be single and still going on honeymoons!

One month later we were happily welcomed to Toronto with my (now) favourite Canadian accent.

Going to the other part of the world for 5 days… crazy, isn’t it?

The city gave me an amazing vibe right away.
It felt like being in New York but with many plus: greener, less crowded, more relaxed, with bilingual super friendly people.

The double language is actually very cool: people are effortlessly switching from French to English(I wish they could do the same somewhere in the world with Italian 😂)

The are many places worth visiting, however these are my favorite ones:

  • Yonge-Dundas Square: considered the heart of the city, it hosts free music, film, and community events.MorePlanesThanTrains Toronto Dundas Square
  • Kensington Market and Spadina Avenue:  bohemian village situated to the west of Chinatown full of independent stores, restaurants, bars and shops. Don’t miss the Graffiti Alley.
  • Distillery Historic District: located in downtown Toronto and once an industrial area, it is now one of the most favorite places for locals and tourists for its cool cafe and shops.
  • West Queen West: labelled by Vogue as the world’s second coolest neighbourhood!MorePlanesThanTrains- Cafe

What really captured my heart has been the ferry trip to one of the Toronto islands, the Ward’s Island.

The return ticket is fairly cheap but the view of downtown Toronto is priceless.

Funny enough, right in the queue to buy the ticket I come up with this idea of starting a travel blog and share our “honeymoon” trips with the world!

We spent few hours exploring the island and waited for the sunset on the beach.


Toronto hosts also one of the best gallery I have ever been in my life: the Art Gallery of Ontario, usually referred as AGO.

The museum itself is art: from the intricate ceilings to the amazing view from the top.You definitely can’t miss it.

Niagara Falls :

There is no public transport to reach the falls, you will have to book one of the many tour offers which are quite pricey.

BUT, as you are reading this blog looking for tips, my best advice is to look for tours to the Fallsview Casino Resort instead!

We paid less than half the price and from the casino to the falls it takes 10-15 minutes on foot.

Standing in front of the falls is a breath-taking moment. You can’t help but stay silent in front of the beauty of nature.

You might know already that Niagara Falls are located at the border between Canada and United States.

In fact, there are the American falls and the Canadian one.

MorePlanesThanTrains NiagaraFalls

MorePlanesThanTrains-NiagaraFalls5As there is just one bridge dividing the two giant countries, we decided to stop by and say Hi to the U.S.A!

MorePlanesThanTrains Niagara Falls

You can get a special Visa which costs 6 USD and allows you to spend few hours on the other side.

We were immediately in awe walking among the typical American houses seen thousands of times on Tv.

I wish I could have one too!

After a couple of house and some pictures we headed back to Canada, looking forward to visit the small Vegas built next to the falls.

Although we made the most of it and visited as much as we could, 5 days are not enough and I will recommend to spend at least a week in Toronto.

A part from that, it has been an amazing experience Canada!!!

xxx Valentina

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