This is why I love bucket lists:you should have one too.

MorePlanesThanTrains- Wanderlust
Yes, that’s me. Wanderlust indeed.

I remember reading about bucket lists for the first time around 5-6 years ago and been immediately captured by the idea of writing down on a page what you aim to visit and experience during your life.

I love the idea of looking at a piece of paper and being lost in hundred of amazing scenarios.

I love the deep sense of satisfaction when you manage to cross off a line from the list.

I love that you look at the rest of the list and feel even a stronger motivation to work hard and find the time to pursue your dreams.

I found mine yesterday and I was astonished in realizing how much I have achieved so far!

…and I need to thank London for that.

Affordable flights and people willing to share trips with me.

MorePlanesThanTrains See the world

Shall we have a look at the list then?

What about you? Which is the top 1 of your bucket list?

As you can see the Taj Mahal remains my biggest dream..


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