British Summer –>Portsmouth

Yes, we do. Believe it or not, we do have summer even in Britain.

…and for once I decided to catch a train instead of a plane! 😉

I had heard about Portsmouth and I grabbed a good deal for the weekend.

However, I wasn’t prepared to pay more than the average for a night in a not-so-average accommodation!

This small gem facing the Isle of Wight, it’s located on the south coast of England and it’s the UK’s only island city.

Top 3 to do:

  1. Spinnaker Tower: Britain’s tallest tower outside London.
  2. The Nelson Trail: Free self-guided trail which will take you through parts of the old Portsmouth.
  3. Gunwharf Quays: Enjoy a great meal with sea view and grab great deals at the outlet.

Don’t: expect to find somewhere to eat after 22:30!

We were so desperate for food that we had to hit the Casino’s restaurant. Which wasn’t a big drama eventually as we even tried our luck at the roulette and won 50£ 😉

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