Porto – Portugal 🖐

I have always wanted to visit Portugal and when my dearest friend from Barcelona suggested to meet up halfway, I didn’t think twice!

Lively university city with a warm weather all year round, Porto will be the perfect city break any month of the year.

We booked an hotel in Rua do Rosario, which I would recommend as you can easily reach the city centre on foot.

On our way to the centre we discovered this terrace called Miradouro da Vitoria which offers breathtaking views of the city.

You will fall in love straight away with the narrow streets full of shop and restaurants and probably,like me,you will became obsessed with the amazing architecture.

I spent most of my time taking photos of tiles!

The harbour is the perfect place to have a drink and to relax.

There are many bar offering for less than 5 Euros the local wine, Porto, and small bits of cakes.

We had a taste of the typical Portuguese dinner in a bistrot located near the Cathedral. I suggest to have different tapas (smaller portion of a plate) as they are tasty and not expensive.

If you love pictures, you can’t miss these 3 things:

  1. To cross the bridge on foot.
  2. To board on the teleferico to reach the other side of the city.
  3. To catch the tram (which is what I was literally doing in this pic)

Are you a Harry Potter fan?Then you definitely know already that Porto hosts Livraria Lello,where J Rowling wrote the worldwide most famous saga.


Take the teleferico if you are scared of heights.

Bye bye Portugal!

I will definitely come back to visit the Capital 😎


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